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How real and serious is the subject of Network Security?  Just think back over the past year or so -- and even more recently -- of the news headlines.  Hackers breaking into banks, credit agencies and other public and private organizations, stealing bank account, credit card and other personal account information.  Even more recently, foreign governments devoting resources to hacking into government and private industry networks to steal sensitive information.

BrightStar can evaluate your networks, identify vulnerabilities, and implement measures to harden your network defenses and safeguard your most precious and irreplaceable asset -- your corporate data -- from malware threats and intrusion from hackers intent on stealing customer information, trade secrets and other sensitive information.  We can point out areas of risk and provide solutions designed to minimize such risks, decrease downtime resulting from malware infections, and increase overall workplace productivity.

Did you know that in addition to being a major drain on workplace productivity, indiscriminate web surfing can open your networks up to security breeches, data theft and other vulnerabilities?  Even sites like facebook or MySpace can contain malicious code or links to other sites which can put your networks at risk?  And what about the potential legal exposure related to employees accessing or downloading pornography or other illegal or inappropriate materials?  BrightStar can implement measures to restrict unwanted web sites, or allow access only to those sites that are necessary for your company's approved activities.

In addition to these solutions BrightStar can also provide solutions for automatic email scanning, monitoring and updating of network antivirus software, cost-effective workstation protection for large networks, and more.