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BrightStar supports AT&T/Lucent/Avaya, Nortel, Samsung, Panasonic, Cisco and many other major and minor brands of telephone systems, analog, digital and VOIP.  BrightStar can also source those hard-to-find parts for maintaining your existing legacy systems.  And if you are looking to replace your system, or a new business in need of a telephone system, we can also sell you a new feature-rich digital or VOIP system as well.

Ever call the telephone company to check on an outage problem, only to be told that the trouble is not in their lines, so it must be in your wiring or phone system? And when you then call out a technician to fix the problem, you are then told that the problem wasn't your system and must be the phone company?  The end result is you have a bill, nothing is fixed and you are still without phones.

BrightStar believes in "turn-key" service.  Your business is important, and we don't consider the job is complete until your business is back up.   We'll save you the hassle and headaches, identify the source of the problem, and resolve it.  If your problem is provider related, we'll work with your telephone/internet provider to identify and resolve the issue until you are back in business.