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All organizations are not alike, and thus they have varying degrees of support needs.  Knowing this, BrightStar offers a number of flexible and scalable support options designed to fit your company's particular IT support needs.  No project is too small or large.  Below are some of the ways in which BrightStar's flexible and scalable support options can work best for you.

On-Demand Support
BrightStar offers support for customers seeking on-demand/on-call services on an as-needed basis.  You can call our Dispatch Center and schedule a technician for service.  We are even available for 24/7 emergency service as well.

Project/Rollout Support
Some organizations may have their own full-time IT staff to address day-to-day support issues, but periodically still have need of additional temporary IT support to "help out" with special projects.  BrightStar can help you with small to large projects by providing technicians, or even project planning and supervision for special projects, equipment and software refreshes and upgrades, or multi-location rollouts.

Flexible Support Agreements
BrightStar offers a number of flexible types of support agreements for 8x5 and 24/7 support coverage, with 4 hour, 8 hour and next business day options.  We also offer support agreements for labor only, time and materials, equipment coverage only and more. 

Managed Services
BrightStar offers comprehensive support for monitoring and management of your networks, or specific equipment on your networks, such as communications, network infrastructure or specialty devices, servers, printers, etc.  We can also help your company improve efficiency by monitoring your printers and providing you and your branch locations with just-in-time print supplies.  and by monitoring printer or device health we can provide preventive remediation services before a downage event occurs.