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Corporations and other organizations wanting to be environmentally responsible often find it challenging when looking for solutions to dispose of obsolete, broken or surplus computer equipment, copiers, office equipment, electronics or other "e-waste".  Often they also find that sourcing companies for such involves navigating such obstacles as unreliable availability and scheduling of pickup, costs associated with removal and disposal, and concerns associated with disposition of corporate data.

BrightStar can help your organization with such needs.  We can coordinate reliable scheduling of pickup and removal of e-waste, and ensure destruction of media, or other data "cleansing" services designed to ensure safe removal of corporate information, while preserving the functional integrity of the recyclable equipment and components.  Because it is our goal to reduce impact to our environment, BrightStar efficiently processes and recycles e-waste first at unit or component level whenever possible, and then finally at recyclable material level.  The end result is that much of the e-waste is processed and reintroduced or recycled to extend its usefulness in its highest and best capacity, leaving as little as possible for disposal to our landfills.