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Many organizations often do not concern themselves with disaster planning until it is too late.  When thinking of disaster we usually associate it with powerful natural events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and flooding.  And there is no region of the country which is immune to its particular natural disaster.  But what about roof failures from snow and rainstorms?  Equipment damages resulting from lightening, and other power irregularities such as power spikes and brown-outs?  What about fire?  Break-in and equipment vandalism or theft?  Or, how about catastrophic data loss due to simple equipment failure?

Equipment can be replaced, but what about loss of business and customers while your company rebuilds?  With an interruption of services, customers will go elsewhere.  Software can also be replaced, but what about those years of irreplaceable data?  Data loss can bring a company to its knees and put it completely out of business. 

BrightStar can consult with you, identify weaknesses, plan strategies and develop solutions to help safeguard your company against disasters, small and great.  We can help implement solutions designed to ensure the continuance of your business long before a disaster help your business "weather the storm" and emerge strong from an event that may have otherwise been...disastrous.