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BrightStar offers on-demand, 24/7, on-site repair and support services covering a broad range of technologies.  Our technicians and engineers service all brands and models of computer workstations, servers, network communications, data storage, telephone systems, printers/plotters, faxes, imaging/scanners, shredders, office automation equipment, camera systems and other specialized business technology equipment, including legacy models.  In short, BrightStar is a single-source technology services provider who can provide installation and support for practically any technology equipment in use by your organization.

Using BrightStar as your technology support provider eliminates much of the headaches and frustration that businesses often experience when having to source and manage multiple vendors of varied disciplines to support their business operations.  BrightStar can step in and resolve inter-vendor support issues, quickly and objectively identifying a problem source and delivering a solution, or coordinating and managing a solution with the proper vendor as needed.  No delays, only resolution, quick and timely.

Our range of break/fix services includes support for such specialized industries as Retail/C-Store (POS systems, traffic counters, etc.), Food Service (POS, KDS, etc.), Pharmaceutical/Hospital (automated dispensing systems, and robotic delivery systems, etc.), Hospitality (WiFi, CATV delivery, etc.), and many others.  We take interest in knowing your business and its special needs.

We also offer on-site support for organizations needing coordination of skilled technicians and engineers to augment their remote IT support staff.  Our skilled professionals can coordinate and work in conjunction with your organizations' central network operations or support desks to complete physical moves/adds/changes, break/fix, refreshes and rollouts on a local, regional or national basis.

For more information on BrightStar support options, please see "Flexible/Scalable Support Options" under the "Services" menu option.